Customer Privacy and Security Policies

This is usually the spot where a long, legal document would go telling about every aspect of of Carrington Court Direct's security and privacy policy. Originally, this page was about 700 words! After a little contemplation, we decided that no one would actually take the time to read the entire thing. So, here's the "Readers Digest" version in plain English:

Information Collection and Use

We will NEVER sell, distribute or share your personal information, phone number, email address or anything else about you with any other company, organization or individual. The only company outside Carrington Court that will have any information is the shipping company which needs your address to deliver your order. We are in the furniture business and have no interest in making a few dollars at the expense of our customers privacy.

Online Ordering

When ordering online you are protected by a secure certificate. This certificate encrypts any information you enter in including personal information and credit card numbers. Your credit card information is not stored online and we require you to enter your credit card number with each order. This is for your protection.

Special Offers

We occasionally send out new product information or special offers by email to existing customers. You should expect to receive no more than one or two emails a month from Carrington Court. For the entire year of 2001, we sent out only one customer mailing. You will always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving any future emails from Carrington Court,

If you have any questions about the security at our website, you can send an email to