Oversize Charges

For most of our products, shipping is free. However, on some larger items there is an additional Home Delivery charge. These items must be delivered by a home delivery service and shipping charges are much higher than both common carriers and small package services.

Home Delivery Has Its Advantages

Although home delivery costs a little more, it does have several advantages:

  • The delivery company schedules an appointment with you, so you know exactly when your furniture will be delivered.
  • Oversize furniture tends to be heavy, so the delivery company will bring the furniture into your house, which means no heavy lifting for you.
  • Your new furniture will be unboxed and all packaging and materials will be hauled off.
  • You have a chance to inspect your furniture while the delivery company is still there. If there are any problems that cannot be fixed by the delivery crew, they can bring it back and we'll repair or replace the item.

How Much Are The Delivery Charges?

The first thing that you need to understand is that we charge oversize charges per order. So, if you order multiple oversize items, you'll only be charged an oversize fee once.

Alabama $75.00
Arizona $225.00
Arkansas $150.00
California $225.00
Colorado $150.00
Connecticut $75.00
Delaware $75.00
District Of Columbia $75.00
Florida $75.00
Georgia $75.00
Idaho $225.00
Illinois $150.00
Indiana $75.00
Iowa $150.00
Kansas $150.00
Kentucky $75.00
Louisiana $150.00
Maine $150.00
Maryland $75.00
Massachusetts $75.00
Michigan $150.00
Minnesota $150.00
Mississippi $75.00
Missouri $150.00
Montana $225.00
Nebraska $150.00
Nevada $225.00
New Hampshire $150.00
New Jersey $75.00
New Mexico $150.00
New York $75.00
North Carolina $75.00
North Dakota $225.00
Ohio $75.00
Oklahoma $150.00
Oregon $225.00
Pennsylvania $75.00
Rhode Island $75.00
South Carolina $75.00
South Dakota $225.00
Tennessee $75.00
Texas $150.00
Utah $225.00
Vermont $150.00
Virginia $75.00
Washington $225.00
West Virginia $75.00
Wisconsin $150.00
Wyoming $225.00

If you have questions about oversize orders or would like discuss home delivery with us, please call 828-396-1049 or email info@carringtoncourtdirect.com.