Working Through COVID-19

Carrington Court is located in western North Carolina in Hickory, a town of 40,000. Our area has relatively little direct impact from the Coronavirus. As per a request from the governor of our state, we are taking precautions such as limiting travel, having certain employees work from home, practicing social distancing, as well as enacting strict hygiene standards.

At this time we do not expect major delays in production. We have taken steps to ensure that we stay up and running which include:

  • Ensuring our supply chain is not dependent on China.
  • Maintaining contact with our various shipping companies to ensure smooth deliveries.
  • Ensuring sufficient supplies of fabrics, frames, and other essential materials.
  • Cross training employees to ensure sickness or absenteeism does not disrupt operations.

Our Commitment to You

While no one can predict the future and we are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, we're also committed to keep serving you. If there are any disruptions we will maintain contact you and keep you appraised of the situation. Customers will be immediately contacted if any of the following occur:

  • Any delays of that may cause your order to take longer than standard production times.
  • Government actions that may force temporary closures.
  • Problems, delays or restrictions in shipping.

The likelihood of a disruption is relatively low. Carrington Court has the benefit of being located in a suburban location with a low population density. We also benefit from our location in the South, where it is predicted that warmer weather and high humidity will slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Additionally, our customers benefit from the ability to order custom furniture from the comfort of their own home regardless of travel and movement restrictions. We genuinely appreciate your support during these trying times. Every order helps ensure our small American manufacturing business continues its 36 year tradition of quality and customer service while supporting dozens of jobs.