Working Through COVID-19

Carrington Court is located in Hickory, North Carolina—a town of 40,000 in the western part of the state. Although we've fared well throughout this pandemic, we are facing several challenges.

At this time we are experiencing a very high order volume. In addition, we rely on outside companies for materials and supplies, some of which have been impacted by COVID (either through production delays or high order volumes). This makes it difficult for us to give detailed production dates.


Working to Speed Up Production

We have taken steps to increase our production times in order to try to achieve our historical average of 2 to 5 weeks. Some of these actions will take time to have an effect, but rest assured we are working diligently to get your order out. Here's what we're doing:

  • Hiring and training employees for all production positions.
  • Ensuring our supply chain is not dependent on China.
  • Maintaining contact with our various shipping companies to ensure smooth deliveries.
  • When possible, ensuring sufficient supplies of fabrics, frames, and other essential materials.
  • Cross training employees to ensure sickness or absenteeism does not disrupt operations.

Our Commitment to You

While no one can predict the future and we are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, we're also committed to keep serving you. If there are any disruptions we will maintain contact you and keep you appraised of the situation. Customers will be immediately contacted if any of the following occur:

  • Any delays of that may cause your order to take longer than our indicated production times when your order was placed.
  • Government actions that may force temporary closures.
  • Problems, delays or restrictions in shipping.

We understand that no one likes to wait. And if we could get orders out more quickly, we certainly would. We are seeing these same trends across the furniture industry, regardless of whether ordering online or in a store. We genuinely appreciate your support during these trying times. Every order helps ensure our small American manufacturing business continues its 36 year tradition of quality and customer service while supporting dozens of jobs.